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 Thema: D-STAR

Seit Ende des vergangenen Jahres hat die Aktivitaet im DV Modus QSO zugenommen.
Anlaesslich des zunehmenden Interesses, vor allem das QSO mit dem Ausland ueber diesen Mo­dus hat in Tokyo ein s.g. “Kickoff meeting” stattgefunden.
OM Fukuda (JA1IFB) hat einen Bericht in englischer Sprache zusammengestellt.
Deshalb wollen wir diesen als Sonder-Ausgabe herausgeben.
Als Anlage legen wir zwei Zeichnungen(Verfasser: OM Okano,JF1CXH)bei; einmal ueber Muenchner Stadtrelais (DB0TVM) mit INAGE-Repeater (JP1YJQ), und einmal ueber HotSpot via Reflector (DCS021C) zum Tokyoter Restaurant namens KOIKI, wo das Treffen stattgefunden hat. Mit beiden Verbindungen gab es einwandfreie Verbindungen.
Wir hoffen, durch diese JAIG-NEWS bei vielen Freunden das Interesse auf diesem Gebiet zu wecken, das wuerde uns sehr freuen.
Falls jemand zu D-STAR Fragen hat, haben sich Fukuda-san (JA1IFB) und Okano-san (JF1CXH) bereit erklaert, diese zu beantworten.

Viel Spass beim DV QSO und vy 73   Eure JAIG-News Redaktion,



Kickoff meeting on D-STAR project

#528 Hiromichi Fukuda, JA1IFB / KA1Z

The DX condition on HF high bands are creeping the bottom due to the silent solar activity these days. Therefore, members of JAIG are facing difficult situation to enjoy net-contact on 21,370MHz. In this circumstance, DF2CW is looking for an anther radio communication system on how to enjoy the solid contact without the conventional systems.

At least, DF2CW and JA1OGX, JF1TEU succeeded a memorial two way contact over D-STAR on January 12 2017 with a great interest. That is really substantial radio communication system from now on. Therefore, we should get used to D-STAR systems, its operation and the smart manner for accessing repeater network. This is a short report of the kickoff meeting at Italian Dining so called “Koiki” on March 13, 2017.

“Koiki” is dedicating to serve creative Italian cuisine and drink for hosting a business meeting. And “Koiki” is located at the 29th floor of Shinjuku NS Building in Tokyo office area. What is more, the private room of nearly 100 meters above ground assists us to contact with DF2CW in Munich Germany over D-STAR.

For this occasion Mr. T. Yamauchi, 7K1BIB arranged “Koiki” and managed the kickoff meeting. The initial members of the kickoff meeting are #528 JA1IFB, JA1JCN, JA1LDG, #557 JA1OGX, #590 JF1CXH, JF1TEU, #035 JG1GWL, JH1BLT, #592 JH1XUP, #550 JI1JRE, JJ1IZX, JN1VVR, #591 7K1BIB. And also DF2CW checks in room from Munich over D-STAR.  Three digit #528 means the registered member’s number of JAIG for your information.

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Kickoff meeting at “Koiki”   

Mr. T. Yamauchi, 7K1BIB gave us a talk about the outline concerning D-STAR systems and he disclosed us the technical function of hotspot for it in accordance with figure cited below and models. We are, beginners, quite sure, there are some confidential knowhow in his systems.

We grasped about D-STAR systems through the practical operation done with DF2CW, Munich. However, we haven’t got sufficient knowledge of personal computer, digital devices and construction for D-STAR systems. Surely, these are cumbersome jobs to master them above mentioned for us beginners.

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When in Roma, do as the Romans do!  There are cases in which we can’t contact with amateur radio stations located in Europe through D-STAR repeaters. Regrettably, we will have to adapt an additional D-STAR device alternatively to contact with amateur radio stations in Europe.
 A D-STAR specialist Mr. T. Okano, JF1CXH advised us about this situation with attached figures at captioned kickoff meeting.

We have been studying D-STAR systems through the internet web site written in Japanese. And we had a lot of difficulty when reading the experimental reports blending many English words on the D-STAR systems. While reading a page or two, our eyes went back and forth several times. What occurs as a result? we get mighty bored before finishing a page or two.

All members enjoyed the kickoff meeting in comfortable atmosphere. And Mutoh-san, JI1JRE,
she presents some photographs to this report for our memories. We are talking about amateur radio activities ranging D-STAR systems, DX-hunting and Ham Radio 2017 in Friedrichshafen. The subject of sightseeing for “Zugspitze” surprised us all. Zugspitze is the highest mountain 2962 meters above sea level located in the boarder of Austria and Germany.

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